The Village of Uplands Park is a home rule charter city located in Saint Louis County, in the State of Missouri. The City has an elected Chairman, and four Trustees.

B.W. Shelton, Chairman of the Board

Christina Moore, Member of the Board of Trustees

Johnetta Williams, Member of the Board of Trustees

Carmen McClendon-Roberts, Member of the Board of Trustees

Onva Burke, Member of the Board Trustees

Appointed Officials (Appointed by the Chairman of the Board)

Village Administrator, Vacant

The Village Administrator is charged with managing the day-to-day administrative operations of the village as well as overseeing the various departments and functions of the village.

Village Clerk, Natalie Starr

Village Clerk, Izora Liggins

The Village Clerk is responsible for the keeping of all official village documents and records as well as providing direct support to the Village Officials.

Village Attorney, Brandi Miller

The Village Attorney is responsible for handling all legal and judicial matters for the Village. The Village Attorney is the general counsel to the Chairman of the Board and is to give legal advice on various legislation to the Board of Trustees.

Code Enforcement Officer, Raymond Winston

The Code Enforcement Officer is to enforce Village ordinances as well as conducting the inspections of property in the Village.
Title Name
Chairman B.W. Shelton
Trustee Christina Moore
Trustee Johnetta Williams
Trustee Onva Burke
Trustee Carmen McClendon-Roberts
Village Clerks Natalie Starr and Izora Liggins
Court Administrator Steven Flowers
Village Attorney Brandi Miller
Prosecuting Attorney Steven Clark
Municipal Judge Hon. Douglas Sidel
Building / Housing Commissioner Christina Moore
Electrical & Plumbing Inspector St. Louis County
Health / Sanitation Commissioner Carmen Roberts
Police Service North County Police Cooperative
Streets Commissioner Johnetta Williams
Maintenance Worker Markovitz Edwards
Treasurer Onva Burke
Village Accountant Hochschild Bloom and Company
Fire District Northeast